Visibility Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Robbinsville, NC, resident Robert Rankin has spent more than two decades leading operations at the Snowbird Mountain Lodge. When he is not leading activities at the Robbinsville, NC, lodge, Robert Rankin enjoys riding throughout North Carolina on his motorcycle.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) provides new and experienced motorcycle enthusiasts alike with invaluable safety courses and resources. While motorcyclists should attend a local class to receive a complete safety education, the MSF provides general guidelines that should be adhered to at all times. Operating a motorcycle with visibility in mind is one safety tip no rider should forget. The motorcycle’s headlight should remain on day and night, and motorcyclists should check all lights prior to a ride.

Individuals can further improve their visibility on a motorcycle through the use of reflective tape on their attire and decals on the bike. Further, riders can flash their brake lights prior to a stop or use their bike horn to draw attention as needed. Lastly, bikers are especially susceptible to a car’s or a truck’s blind spot and should be aware of the distance required to stay out of this area.


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