Jackson Hole Wyoming – The Wild Wild West

It was the perfect time of year for us to escape Snowbird Mountain Lodge and the heat of Robbinsville, NC. My mother always laughs when I tell her I need to get away from the “heat” of the North Carolina mountains. “Robert Rankin”, she says… “Just you move back home to Decatur, AL and we’ll show you what heat and humidity really are”! No thanks I always say.

As a child and then young man I was blessed to often travel with my family to the West. Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho were States where the wild wild west still bloomed. Places with names like Butte, Laramie, Driggs, Crested Butte filled our imaginations. My brothers and I often couldn’t wait for the next cowboy adventure. Those memories continue to call to me til this day and I find myself pulled to the Rocky mountains every chance I get. Travel is an adventure for me, time to find the next view, the next trail, the next “pardner”. This summer I had the chance to introduce my daughters to the magical west in a very special way…….


Wyoming. Often called by Jackson Hole, which isn’t the name of the town, but the valley thatIMG_3737 stretches from the Yellowstone National Park all the way to Hoback, WY. It is a stunning and beautiful place with whitewater rivers, trout fishing galore, hiking trails in abundance, mountain IMG_3631and road biking and nature in all of her grandeur! While there we took advantage of all of those things plus great food in the town of Jackson. We explored the Yellowstone National Park and hiked in the Grand Tetons even managing to swim in some icy cold lakes….I so loved creating those memories, both for myself and my girls. It was perfect.

While I love the west and those magnificent Rocky Mountains I now also know the magic that these mountains I call home hold. Flying back home I watched as the terrain began to change IMG_3822and the trees became more dense and lush. Driving back to Robbinsville, NC and up the mountain to Snowbird Mountain Lodge I knew I was back home…where I belong. My little town is country filled with country folk. Some highly educated and some not, but all here are authentic…in a very real sort of way. If home is indeed where the heart is, then I live in the perfect place and on the perfect mountain…Summer heat and all!

Robert Rankin

Innkeeper, Adventurer & Explorer


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