Visiting the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo

Robert Rankin of Robbinsville, NC, currently oversees all activities at Snowbird Mountain Lodge, which is located in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains. When vacationing outside of the Robbinsville, NC, area, Robert Rankin enjoys traveling to domestic and international locations. He has recently spent time in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic has become a sought-after destination for travelers, thanks to its warm tropical weather and a diverse, visually engaging landscape. Tourists who find themselves spending time in the country are often directed to the city of Santo Domingo as a main attraction. One of the most historically and culturally rich cities in the Western Hemisphere, Santo Domingo offers distinct Spanish architecture dating back to Colonial times as well as countless restaurants and eateries.

Santo Domingo’s central square Plaza de la Cultura is home to the Palace of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Palace, and a number of additional places of interest. Historians can also enjoy the city’s Colonial City district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other popular stops in Santo Domingo include the National Botanical Gardens and the city’s storied Malecon, a seaside promenade famous for its scenic views.


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