Tips for First Time Mountain Bike Shoppers

Robert Rankin of Robbinsville, NC, has overseen activities at Snowbird Mountain Lodge as president and chief executive officer since 1995. When he is not leading activities at the North Carolina lodge, Robert Rankin enjoys mountain biking and hiking throughout Robbinsville, NC.

There are a number of considerations an individual must make prior to purchasing a mountain bike. One of the first decisions a person should make in regards to a mountain bike should be what type of riding they intend to engage in most often. Mountain biking can be broken up into three general categories: cross-country riding, trail cycling, and downhill mountain biking.

The most common type of mountain bike, cross-country mountain bikes often feature fast-rolling tires and are easy to pedal. Cross-country mountain bikes are great for getting around and can absorb occasional rocks or bumps on your path.

Cyclists who spend the majority of their rides on local trails and standard paths should look no further than a traditional trail bike. Trail bikes have more suspension than cross-country bikes for handling rougher terrain, but they are still versatile and suitable for cross-country riding.

On the other hand, riders who exclusively work out on shuttle or lift-served trails should invest in a quality downhill bike, though their budget will need to be adjusted accordingly. However, those who visit lift-served trails only occasionally can save by simply renting a downhill bike as needed.


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