Bright and Clear

It’s almost time….

The days are beginning to lengthen now. It has been a perfect January 2015 and surprisingly un-winter like. After a month under the clouds, we have had a fabulous four days of warmer weather and bright, bright blue sky. It is absolutely amazing what some vitamin D will do along with the freedom to get outside and play!

Late yesterday we took the dogs for a stroll to one of my favorite spots – Huckleberry Knob. Those of you that have stayed here on the mountain with us know it well. It’s a walk that we often FullSizeRender (15)recommend for the stunning views from the summit. It wasn’t quite as warm there as at the Lodge with temps only floating into the high 40’s low 50’s. It was gusty, but a perfect day for the dogs to romp and play in the meadows. I love how they can play without distraction. Seemingly to never think about the past or future, but to be completely in this moment. A lesson I surely need to remember.

As I was seeking a little solitude to be able to process thoughts in my mind I was surprised at the new things I noticed on the walk. I don’t know if I’d just missed them before, was seeing them with new eyes or they were things I’d forgotten, but each new discovery, each new rock, each reach of grass far off in the open woods seemed fresh and new. Sitting high on top of the bald I looked at the town of Robbinsville in the distance. I know now that was a great gift on this walk. The realization that, for me at least, this never gets old. There is always a new discovery or adventure waiting just outside of my door. I bet the same is true for you too…if only you take a moment to look….that’s all you need…just a moment…take it…you will be amazed. I promise

We’re hard at work here on the mountain. Snowbird Mountain Lodge is getting cleaned and freshened. The new bathrooms are looking great. New furniture in place and grounds being prepped for an amazing year. We lit the first fire yesterday and it was great to watch the smoke curl from the chimney top. It’s another bright clear day and our vision for what is yet to come is fabulous. Won’t you come share it with us? Like I said, it may be all you need…just a moment…if you’ll take it…come, celebrate the magic of life with us!

In Celebration of the Great Adventure Ahead!!!

Robert Rankin

Innkeeper, Adventurer, Explorer


One thought on “Bright and Clear

  1. My friends just returned from a stay at the Snowbird Lodge. They couldn’t seem to stop talking about how lovely, albeit chilly, it was. I decided to look you up and I must say, it does sound incredibly wonderful. I’m glad to see you’re a fellow blogger as writing is one of my great passions. Keep it up!


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