Kicking into gear

The walk down the old road was one we’ve taken hundreds of times before. The dogs bounded ahead, smelling the crispness in the air and celebrating life like they always do. The creek flowed wild and free beside the road, a light crust of frost lay on the ground and the trees bent to the wind. It was a perfect time.

Later Sophie, Elizabeth and I sat on a big rock over the water and skipped stones. Watching the retrievers chase sticks that we’d throw and with Beau wandering in the sunshine, Max watching every move I realized how incredibly blessed I am to be able to live in this magical place. It’s hard to think that 20 years have passed since I became the steward of Snowbird Mountain Lodge. I am filled with gratitude to all of you for allowing us to share our dreams, our passions and our lives!

It’s been a busy winter here on the mountain. Our team has been busy making plans for all that 2015 will bring. The kitchen is working on new recipes, planning the gardens and looking after the chickens. The grounds and maintenance crew have been working on landscaping, repairs and the new bathrooms that grace all of the larger main lodge rooms. New plusher and thicker towels await your next visit and we continue to upgrade and make improvements to the Lodge here on the mountain. We can’t wait to share it with you.

The doors will be getting ready to open for our 2015 season as you read this. There are many new things here on the mountain, but we continue to celebrate our past as we look towards the future. Guided walks, hikes, nature, food, wine, art and good conversation all abound here at Snowbird.

Whether you were just here or if it’s been a while since you’ve visited us here on the mountain please consider this our personal invitation to come and join us for the magical experience that Snowbird offers. We look forward to sharing it with friends, some old, some new…like you!

In Celebration of the Great Adventure Ahead!

Sophie, Elizabeth & Robert Rankin
Innkeepers & Adventurers



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