Early Winter Reflections….

Inevitably, with the onset of winter, comes reflection. Shorter days, longer nights. For me the season spurs an appraisal of the past year. Before the temperatures plunge and the snow flies there is a nearly imperceptible pause – before the diversions of winter woods walks, cold dog swims and snow it lets me look back on the year. This is the time when I remember  the long trail walks with Sophie and Elizabeth the dogs romping far ahead. The laughter and time spent sharing with guests here on the mountain. Watching people that come here to share and delight in Snowbird Mountain Lodge‘s “magic”. It won’t be long before I want the warm waters of the lake or the coolness of the mountain stream on a warm summer day. I smile at the thought of the open road and the miles to ride on one of my bikes. I am grateful.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest of wilderness”

– John Muir

Remembering the times spent on adventures outdoors and the time spent with friends also brings the realization that it seems there’s never enough time to do it all. For me, there are no regrets, but instead a call to action. I make a list of all the stuff I still hope to do and the places I’d like to see in the future. At the Lodge, we get busy planning and preparing for next season and the best that’s yet to come! New bathrooms, thicker, richer towels for them, some new furniture, better lighting in the main dining room that helps my aging eyes see better. Lot’s of things happen behind the scenes as well, with staff mapping out all that will occur next year…..

And in all of the busyness that is, the Christmas tree is up at the house. Elizabeth’s birthday,  Sophie and Elizabeth’s packages are wrapped and getting placed. Robbinsville North Carolina‘s football team is headed for the 1A State championships and dinner is on the stove…..I guess like all of us, life goes on….at an ever quickening pace. As I get a chance to pause…even for a moment……I just want to say “thanks”, for coming to the mountain, for enduring my mistakes, for sharing a part of you with us, for continuing the journey with us. When I was younger, I just wanted to fit in and be a part of the herd…I’m glad I didn’t get my wish. As always we….

Celebrate the Great Adventure Ahead!

Robert Rankin



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