It’s a sure Blast of Winter!!

It turned really cold….really quickly….the snowflakes have been falling…big and fat…..juicy comes to mind, but it is powder puff soft and easy. It seems early for it to be this way. The air is really crispy and the sky a brilliant Carolina blue in the cloud breaks. The dogs are quiet frisky in the cold – begging for a walk….maybe down to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest a little later.

We’ve just finished an incredible wine event here on the mountain with John & Cathy McCune of Golden Slope in Chattanooga (the best one yet!) and the kitchen is busy getting us ready for our dear friend and musician Louise Mosrie of Nashville who is coming to play this weekend. Then it’s time for Snowbird Mountain Lodge’s closing weekend and our festive and amazing Thanksgiving celebration……which reminds me –

To pause, reflect and realize that…in a world where so many things seem to change…rather quickly….that in all of this chaos…Snowbird remains a constant….our commitment to you, to family, friends and each other is as strong as ever. I hope that on this blustry day you have a chance to stop….and take a moment to….

Celebrate the Great Adventure Ahead!

Robert Rankin



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