The Change….

The shift from fall to winter can come quickly and…most of the time unexpectedly here on the mountain. October ended with quiet the bang this year as we experienced several inches of snow in Robbinsville and even more at Snowbird Mountain Lodge. It was a great gift to see the faces of our guests and the woke to the beauty of the mountains covered in white the morning after Halloween!

With Elizabeth now living here on the mountain and going to school in Robbinsville, life has certainly taken on new and exciting things here. Not only are we bouncing back and forth from school, but she is putting in hours here at the Lodge making sure that all of our friends are welcome! It’s amazing to watch this remarkable young lady interact with all that’s happening here and her smile is infectious.

We, of course are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here and while this holiday comes only once a year, we remind ourselves to always be thankful for the great gifts that we have. As this note reaches you Elizabeth and I hope that you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving and that you know, we are thankful for YOU!

In Celebration of the Great Adventure Ahead!

Robert Rankin



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