Rainy days and Mondays…..

It’s gotten off to a very rainy start for October, but now the weather has broken and the leaves are starting to show a spectacular band of color! Above 4,000 ft. the color will peak by this weekend and we are looking forward to the bright oranges, reds, yellows and blended greens that are starting to show.

The Lodge continues to blossom with the team here working hard to turn out the very best that Snowbird Mountain Lodge has to offer. This past weekend saw the Moonshiners in Robbinsville, for a great gathering to talk and show off their wares and Stecoah Valley Center will be hosting their fall arts and crafts festival this weekend (Oct 17-19) and they always feature the very best in Southern Appalachian arts!

Living here for the last 20 years has afforded me the opportunity to become a part of this vibrant rural community. I am a fierce defender of this rural Appalachian area. Yes, the people can be a little strange…a little different than what we may be used to. Their beliefs are strong and while we may not always agree, we are neighbors here, still willing to lend a helping hand whenever we are needed. I watch as people travel through just stopping long enough to snap a picture, fill up with gas or have a bite to eat. Perhaps this is the way we’ve become in this all too digital world. Slowing down and taking it all in….drinking deeply from life is what we think it’s all about….It’s what Snowbird Mountain Lodge was created to do.

Many of us look at the fall as the precursor to winter….a last “hurrah” as it were before it turns colder, but for us it’s another season, another magnificent day when nature is preparing for what is yet to come! I hope that you will take a minute – today – to stop…take a really deep breath, disconnect for just a moment…and reconnect…with yourself…and what’s real….and, if you get the chance, all of us here on the mountain invite you to come here….to explore…to find and to discover…

In celebration of the great adventure ahead!

Robert Rankin



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