It’s a rainy Monday here on the mountain. I like it when it rains here. It gives me a chance to pause, to slow down and reflect on so many things and ideas. We of course are already planning what we will be doing next year at Snowbird and looking forward to the renovation/renewal projects that we have lined up for our winter months. I also had a chance to read a great article in Time this past week. One that spoke very clearly to me and the reason that we feel that Snowbird Mountain Lodge is increasingly important in our society.

From 9/22/2014 Time Magazine: “The reality of living with an iPhone, or any smart, connected mobile device, is that it makes reality a little less real. One gets over connected to the point where one is apt to pay attention to the thoughts and opinions of anonymous strangers over those of loved ones who are in the same room. One forgets how to be alone and undistracted. Ironically enough experiences don’t seem fully real till you’ve used your phone to make them virtual—tweeted them to tumbled them or Instagrammed them or YouTubed them—and the world has congratulated you for doing so”

This made me smile of course. Not only do I feel very much this way, I find myself also using the same techniques to reach out to you. Using resources like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress and the web to try and touch you, to hopefully draw you here, either for the first time or just to return and feel the magic that we find so dear here on this mountain.

The rain continues to fall here. The leaves are beginning to shift in color. The fires are lit and you can smell the wood smoke and the view awaits. Please come share it with us.

In celebration of the great adventure ahead!

Robert Rankin

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3 thoughts on “Distractions….

  1. Robert, do you have a copy of Horace Kephart’s, Our Southern Highlanders, for Snowbird’s library? At present, I’m reading Strangers in High Places by Michael Frome and will also bring that in October if I’m finished with it. Lynne Hurley


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